Exquisite Property Services

We build, grow, and deliver cleaner communities one property at a time.
How do we do it?

We do more than clean. We make change happen.

Clean properties, both inside and outside, create healthier communities.

We are Exquisite Property Services.

Our business philosophy is echoed in our name- exquisite. Not too many people think of cleaning as exquisite, but we do! The word defines our quality of work. Your home, business, or property will be beautiful, and so will your community.

We provide:

  • Professional and experienced cleaning staff
  • Vetted and background-checked cleaning workforce
  • References and reviews on our quality and service
  • A community and civic-minded focus on all projects, big or small

Safety is a top priority at Exquisite Property Services. The covid-19 pandemic has heightened the care we take to ensure the safety of our team and the facilities we service.

Our covid-19 protocols go beyond federal and local guidance to protect staff and customers.

  • Our team wears face masks at all times. In addition, some indoor cleaning assignments require N95 or half-face respiratory masks.
  • Our team keeps proper distance from customers and team members to provide adequate space from the risk of exposure to anyone sick.
  • Our team is equipped with alcohol-based hand sanitizer to use after engaging with high-touch surfaces.
  • Our team wears gloves where necessary to prevent direct contact with high-touch surfaces.
  • Our team ensures proper ventilation during indoor activities, especially when using disinfectant sprays.
  • Our team submits to temperature checks daily
  • Our team is equipped with electrostatic sprayers to disinfect workspaces, including vehicles and office spaces.

We believe we are more than a cleaning company.


Cleaning methods and products that are safe for your health and your environment.


Prices that are reasonable so that professional property care is accessible to all homeowners.

Community Oriented

Building cleaner and better communities, one property at a time.


Easy access to emergency services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Superior customer service by highly skilled and trained team members committed to your satisfaction

Safety First

We follow CDC guidelines for providing safe services and keeping the community healthy and safe.

Working with Exquisite Property Services is simple and easy.

Contact us to request a free estimate (website, phone, email)

A specialized and trained technician will visit the property to conduct a survey, take photos and measure the service area.
Upon completion of the estimate, the prospective customer receives a text alert advising them that their estimate has been completed. A proposal has been sent to their email address and can be viewed and signed electronically. Once the proposal is signed, the customer receives a welcome email to schedule their service.

This entire process can occur contactless if the customer chooses.

Many customers have us conduct estimates, especially for lawn services, without us making face-to-face contact.

Their service was top notch, they did an excellent job cleaning my property.

Andrew Coombs

Property Owner