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Don’t Waste Your Waste – Save money and the planet.


The single largest source of waste in the U.S. is food. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that 94% of the food we throw away ends up in landfills. In 2015 alone, that added up to 37.6 million tons of food waste. This is a problem because food (wet) waste decomposes in landfills without proper oxygen, producing methane gas and polluting our environment (methane is over 20 times more deadly than carbon dioxide).

You can do something to impact change while saving yourself money in food and disposal costs. 

​What is Compost?

Compost is recycling biodegradable material like leaves and food scraps to produce nutrient-rich material used to promote soil and plant health.

Why Compost?

With its nutrient-rich properties, composting has many vital benefits:

  • Saves money on food and disposal costs
  • Promote plant and soil health
  • Reduce food waste in landfills that create methane emissions
  • Reduce the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Resource creation

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    What Can Be Composted?

    Healthy compost piles should include a balance of materials high in carbon (browns) like leaves and material high in nitrogen (greens) like grass clippings. Piles should be 2-3 parts brown and 1-part greens. Other items to be composted include:

    • Fruits/vegetables
    • Cardboard
    • Leaves
    • Paper
    • Grass clippings
    • Eggshells (crushed)
    • Coffee grounds/filters
    • Many more biodegradable items

    What Cannot Be Composted?

    • Dairy products (butter, milk, cheese) – eggshells are okay
    • Meat/fish and bones
    • Pet waste
    • Grease/oils
    • Treated/painted wood
    • Poisonous/diseased plants

    Reduce Waste Food, Divert Food From Landfills!

    Select a Backyard Compost Plan


    Collect your food scraps in the compost bucket we provide, and we’ll visit your home once a week on a day of your choice to add the materials and treat your at-home compost bin. The soil your bin produces can be used for your home garden.

    From $37.99*
    (cost of the bucket and bin not included)


    Select our compost kit or use your own to collect your food scraps and create your own nutrient-rich soil. Receive bi-weekly or monthly consultation, resources, and support for your compost project. The soil your bin produces is all yours for use in your home garden.

    From $19.99*
    (cost of the bucket and bin not included)

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