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Property Preservation

Property Preservation

Property Preservation

We provide a full line of services to protect, preserve and maintain properties for sale or conveyance.

Quality maintenance of real estate assets requires a localized response. Our customized preservation program ensures that your property is being tended by experts that:

  • Know and respect the community where the property is located
  • Familiar with local code enforcement regulations and officials
  • Able to identify and minimize environmental risks

Services include:

Property Inspections

Property inspection is a critical component in property preservation services. Our trusted experts provide initial and ongoing property inspections to help understand the condition of the property. In addition, we serve as the eyes and ears of property owners to prevent costly repairs and damage. Inspections include occupancy status, damage reports, remediation recommendations for safety hazards, signage, detailed video record, and much more.


Once determined vacant, it is critical to secure a property’s entry points. Our securitization services are customized to provide the best security to ensure only authorized persons access the property. Securing services include boarding, lock change, re-keying, lockbox installation, window guards, and more.


Winter temperatures can take a toll on a property’s plumbing system. Our winterization services protect the health of the property’s plumbing using strict protocols based on the type of heating. De-winterization is included with any winterization service.

Maid Services

Our interior cleaning services provide wide-ranging options customized to fit your property’s needs. Basic “broom clean” services are offered to customers only looking to maintain the general hygiene of the property. Our deep cleaning (white glove) and disinfecting services are also available for customers that require more extensive removal of all debris, surface dirt, bacteria, and viruses.

Lawn/Yard Maintenance

Curb appeal is essential in the marketability of a property. More importantly, curb appeal immediately impacts the quality of life in a community. Our yard maintenance services include seasonal lawn care, clippings, yard waste removal, sweeping/blowing of all paved areas, and shrub trimming.

Snow Removal

Winter snow and ice are unpredictable and can cause dangerous conditions. Our snow and ice management services ensure that your property is safe, healthy, and functional during inclement weather conditions. We provide live weather alerts, pre-salting, customized snow clearing schedules, de-icing services, and refreezing service visits.

Code Violation Resolution

Local property code violations are expensive for everyone! These violations can lead to pricey fines for property owners and a depressed quality of life for community members impacted by poor property maintenance. Our code violation resolution services are built on longstanding relationships with community residents and enforcement officials to rectify current violations while preventing future violations swiftly.

We do more than protect real estate assets. We protect communities. We ensure that a vacant property is not a burden on the property owner or the neighborhood that it is part of.

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